Owner's Corporation Building Insurance

Every year your Owners Corporation renews its building insurance policy, and 9/10 times you will pay commission to the Manager through this process.

Most commission structures can be up to 20% of the base premium, which equates to thousands of lost money for most buildings.


We’re different and in a good way. We don’t take any insurance commission, so you know our advice and what we put forward has no altera motive, just the best pricing and products in the market.

We are committed to providing our clients with insurance products that are based purely on the merits of their offers, rather than providing the manager with a higher financial gain. This ensures that the Owners Corporation always receives the best outcome.

Navigating insurance can be tricky when looking at which insurer or underwriter provides the best, most comprehensive cover for your Owners Corporation. At Horizon, we have partnered with a leading Insurance Broker in Melbourne to provide our clients with the best advice and support when handling insurance matters. Our exclusive broker agreement to provide a commission free service, is one which is available to all Owners Corporations who engage Horizon.