Combustible Cladding

Addressing Combustible Cladding in Buildings

One of the hottest topics to hit the industry in the last 10 years is combustible cladding.

Hundreds of buildings and their owners in Melbourne have been lumped with the enormous task of addressing their non-compliant and dangerous cladding. Every building is different, and some contain multiple types of cladding, so it can be extremely complex to navigate a way forward.

Buzzwords such as, ACP or EPS, performance solution and many others are just some of the key things Committee’s will encounter when dealing with cladding.There are multiple stakeholders often involved in the process, including the local council, Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) and several consultants from building surveyors to Fire Engineers.


The presence of combustible cladding can often be unknown to owners and residents. Your local council or the VBA may initiate an assessment of the building and determine that some form of combustible cladding is evident. Subsequently, they will issue your Owners Corporation with a building notice, requiring a response within a specified timeframe. This can cause panic and leave owners in a difficult position.

It is also important to provide information to your building’s insurer such as the type of cladding, its location and the percentage retained on the building. The insurer can then adequately assess the risk, but may impose additional requirements on your Owners Corporation, such as including a higher excess for claims relating to fire damage, or in some cases, refuse cover entirely.

Having an experienced management company in place to guide you each step of the way is important when addressing a building notice.


Horizon is here to help.

We have assisted numerous Owners Corporations and Committees with cladding projects in recent years. Everything from small projects to the full removal and replacement of external cladding on the entire building, Horizon have seen a number of scenarios which owners face.

We are here to guide you through difficult decisions and support your Owners Corporation in taking on an often-complicated task.