Who we are

It’s simple really

Horizon Strata was formed to fill a much-needed gap in the market that many Owners Corporations have been searching for – a transparent, reliable, and credible service.


With decades of combined experience, not only managing an extensive range of Strata properties in Melbourne, but being part of and running Committees personally, we know first-hand the time and effort it takes to do things properly.


Horizon is committed to providing clients with what they want, so you can get back to the other important areas of your life and leave the hard work to us.


Why Us

Why should you choose Horizon over everyone else.

We’re different, and in a good way. Our depth of experience is what sets us apart from so many others.

We have team of highly skilled managers, accountants, and support staff that manage your Owners Corporation every day. Horizon provides you with budget and financial consultation through to navigating building defects, combustible cladding, and complex projects.

Our service is conflict free. We pride ourselves on offering your Owners Corporation trades, services and insurance products that are not swayed by commission structures or incentives. This allows your Committee to make informed decisions without the underlying question of why we recommended one option over another.

Our managers have just a handful of buildings each, which provides them with more time to assist your Owners Corporation and Committee Day to day. This environment increases the service offering to our clients and allows the manager to remain present throughout every issue you face.

Horizon’s systems and I.T support are in-house, ensuring control over your building and owners private information.

Services include a comprehensive and tailored Owners Portal for access to important documents, owners account, and building information. Our case Management software tracks ongoing projects, repairs, and services to your Owners Corporation. Communication methods, include bulk emailing and SMS notifications to a range of different recipients.

These are just some of the advantages of choosing Horizon for your Owners Corporation.